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Springer book “Production of Platform Chemicals from Sustainable Resources” published

Aug 21, 2017

Springer book “Production of Platform Chemicals from Sustainable Resources” was published

Recently, Springer has published a book entitled “Production of Platform Chemicals from Sustainable Resources” edited by Profs.Zhen Fang, Richard L. Smith Jr. and Xinhua Qi, Springer, Hardcover ISBN978-981-10-4171-6, 475 pages, 2017 (

With increasing concerns on environmental pollution and global warming that resulted from traditional fossil resource applications, much progress has been made in the past few years in developing catalytic reaction systems and chemistries for the conversion of various biomass resources into platform chemicals. This text provides state-of-the-art reviews, current research, prospects, and challenges of production of platform chemicals such as C6 sugars, 5-hydroxymethylfurfural, furfural,γ-valerolactone, xylitol, 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid, levulinic acid, ethanol, and others from sustainable biomass resources with processes that include heterogeneous catalysis, ionic liquid, hydrothermal/solvothermal, electrochemical, and fermentation methods. Reaction mechanism, methods for product separation and purification, and process integration are introduced. The application of these chemicals and their derivatives for synthesizing commodity chemicals via various routes is also covered.

This book contains 14 chapters contributed by leading experts in the field. The text is arranged into five key areas:

Part I: Production of Sugars (Chap. 1)

Part II: Production of Aldehydes (Chaps. 2, 3, and 4)

Part III: Production of Acids (Chaps. 5, 6, 7, and 8)

Part IV: Production of Alcohols (Chaps. 9, 10, 11 and 12)

Part V: Production of Lactones and Amino Acids (Chaps. 13 and 14)

The text should be of interest to students, researchers, academicians, and industrialists who are working in the areas of renewable energy, environmental and chemical sciences, engineering, resource development, biomass processing, sustainability, materials, biofuels, and chemical industries.

This book is the seventh book of the Springer series entitled, “Biofuels and Biorefineries” (Prof. Zhen Fang is serving as Editor-in-Chief), and the fourteenth English book edited/authored by Prof. Zhen Fang since 2009.

Biofuels and Biorefineries:

platform cover


由方真老师,日本东北大学Richard L. Smith Jr.教授和农业部环境保护科研监测所漆新华教授主编的新书Production of Platform Chemicals from Sustainable Resources,最近由斯普林格公司出版发行。(精装,475页, ISBN 978-981-10-4171-6, 2017)(。

由于传统化石资源大量应用, 人们对环境污染和全球变暖日益关注。在过去的几年中,利用催化反应系统和化学、生物方法,将各种生物质资源转化为平台化学品方面取得了很大的进展。

本书回顾了, 最新研究、前景和生产平台化学品的挑战。这些平台化学品包括C6糖类、5-羟甲基糠醛、糠醛、伽马-戊内酯、木糖醇、 2,5-呋喃二甲酸、乙酰丙酸、乙醇和其他来自可持续生物质资源合成的化学品。合成的方法和过程, 包括非均相催化、离子液体、水热/溶剂热、电化学和发酵方法等。本书还介绍了反应机理、产物分离、纯化方法和工艺集成。









该书是斯普林格系列丛书“生物燃料和生物炼制- Biofuels and Biorefineries”(方真老师担任该丛书总编辑)出版的第七本专著,也是方真老师自2009年以来,编著出版的第十四部英语专著


方真老师2007年初全职回国后, 自2009以来出版的十五部英文专著:

Springer Book Series – Biofuels and Biorefineries: Titles

1.Production of Biofuels and Chemicals with Ionic Liquids,2013,editedbyZhen Fang, R. L. Smith, Jr., X. Qi

2.Near-critical and Supercritical Water and Their Applications for Biorefineries,2014,editedbyZhen Fang, C Xu

3.Production of Biofuels and Chemicals with Microwave,2014,editedbyZhen Fang, R. L. Smith, Jr., X. Qi

4.Production of Biofuels and Chemicals with Ultrasound,2014,editedbyZhen Fang, R. L. Smith, Jr., X. Qi

5.Production of Hydrogen from Renewable Resources,2015,editedbyZhen Fang, R. L. Smith, Jr., X. Qi

6.Production of Biofuels and Chemicals from Lignin,2016,editedbyZhen Fang, R. L. Smith, Jr.(Among the top 50% most downloaded eBooks in 2016

7.Production of Platform Chemicals from Sustainable Resources, 2017,edited byZhen Fang, R. L. Smith, Jr., X. Qi

8.Production of Biofuels and Chemicals with Bifunctional Catalysts,ISBN978-981-10-5136-4,2017editedbyZhen Fang, R. L. Smith, Jr., H Li


Other books:

9.Pretreatment Techniques for Biofuels and Biorefineries,Springer, 2013, edited byZhen Fang (Among the top 25% most downloaded eBooks in 2013)

10.Rapid Production of Micro- and Nano-particles Using Supercritical Water,Springer,2010, authored byZhen Fang

11.Liquid, Gaseous and Solid Biofuels – Conversion Techniques, InTech – Open Access, 2013,editedbyZhen Fang

12.Biofuels – Economy, Environment and Sustainability,InTech – Open Access, 2013,editedbyZhen Fang

13.Biodiesel – Feedstocks, Production and Applications, InTech – Open Access, 2013,editedbyZhen Fang

14.Biodiesel: Blends, Properties and Applications,New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2011, edited by J. M. Marchetti,Zhen Fang

15.Complete Dissolution and Oxidation of Organic Wastes in Water,VDM Verlag Dr. Müller, Saarbrücken, Germany, 2009, authored byZhen Fang