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2012 World Congress of Bioenergy-Renewable Energy for Sustainability

May 10, 2012

In view of the depletion of fossil fuel reserves together with the ongoing climate change, the utilization of renewable resources for the sustainable development of our society has become indispensible. Biomass, the only current sustainable source of organic carbon, is a promising alternative for fossil fuel to produce renewable chemicals and biofuels. Under this background, BIT’s 2ndWorld Congress of Bioenergy (WCBE-2012) brought together academic professors, industrial leaders, policy makers and investors to share their new research achievements, warmly discussed and analyzed the sustainability development of bioenergy.

WCBE-2012 was successfully held in Xi’an International Conference Center on April 25-28, 2012. Totally, there were nearly 400 participants from more than 32 countries and areas attended the WCBE-2012. 23 selected sessions covered 14 fields including Global Bioenergy Economy and Policy, Breaking Research and Enable Biofuel Technology, Agricultural, Forestry Waste and Municipal Solid Waste, Dedicated Energy Crops, Bioalcohols, Biodiesel, Algae Biofuel, Biogases, Aviation Biofuels, Biofuel Finance, Investment, Trade and Marketing and Cellulosic Ethanol Commercial Breakthrough.

Prof. Zhen Fang was invited as Session Chair and Member of Science Advisory Board to participate in the conference, and presented a special topic titled “Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Biomass in Organic Electrolyte Solutions for Biofuels”. He was also invited to write a conference report forBiofuels.