A new Springer book “Production of Biofuels and Chemicals from Lignin” was published

A new Springer book “Production of Biofuels and Chemicals from Lignin” was published

Recently, Springer has published a book entitled “Production of Biofuels and Chemicals from Lignin” edited by Profs. Zhen Fang and Richard L. Smith Jr., Springer, Hardcover •ISBN 978-981-10-1964-7, 435 pages, 2016. (http://www.springer.com/cn/book/9789811019647).

Lignin is the largest source of renewable aromatics in the world and is produced as a byproduct in huge quantities by the pulp and paper industry in the form of black liquor (ca. 50 million ton/a), but is also expected to be a major byproduct in emerging industries related to biofuels and bioproducts (ca. 2.7-8.1 million ton/a). The present text provides state-of-the-art reviews, current research and prospects on lignin production, lignin biological, thermal and chemical conversion methods and lignin technoeconomics. Fundamental topics related to lignin chemistry, properties, analysis, characterization, depolymerization mechanisms, enzymatic, fungal and bacterial degradation methods are covered. Practical topics related to technologies for lignin and ultra-pure lignin recovery, activated carbon, carbon fiber production and materials are covered. Biological conversion of lignin with fungi, bacteria or enzymes to produce chemicals is considered along with chemical, catalytic, thermochemical and solvolysis conversion methods. A case study is presented for practical polyurethane foam production from lignin.

This book contains 13 chapters contributed by leading experts in the field. The text is arranged into four key areas:

Part I: Lignin and Its Production (Chapters 1-3)

Part II: Biological Conversion (Chapters 4-6)

Part III: Chemical Conversion (Chapters 7-12)

Part IV: Techno-economics (Chapter 13)

Lignin has a bright future and will be an essential feedstock for producing renewable chemicals, biofuels and value-added products. Offering comprehensive information on this promising material, the book represents a valuable resource for students, researchers, academicians and industrialists in the field of biochemistry and energy.

This book is the sixth book of the Springer series entitled, “Biofuels and Biorefineries” (Prof. Zhen Fang is serving as editor-in-Chief), and the thirteenth English book published by Prof. Zhen Fang since 2009.

Biofuels and Biorefineries:




由方真教授和日本东北大学Richard L. Smith Jr.教授主编的新书Production of Biofuels and Chemicals from Lignin》,最近由斯普林格公司出版发行。(精装,435页, ISBN 978-981-10-1964-7, 435 pages, 2016。)(http://www.springer.com/cn/book/9789811019647)。




该书是斯普林格系列丛书“生物燃料和生物炼制- Biofuels and Biorefineries”(方真教授担任该丛书总编辑)出版的第六本专著,也是方真教授自2009年以来,编著出版的第十三部英语专著



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