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英国教授来访Dr. Chunfei Wu from Queen's University Belfast visited our Lab for an academic lecture

Dec 12, 2023

Dr. Chunfei Wu from Queen's University Belfast visited our Lab for an academic lecture

On August 14, 2023, as invited by Prof. Zhen Fang, Dr. Chunfei Wu from Queen's University Belfast in UK visited our College of Engineering for an academic lecture. Dr. Wu had a close meeting with Prof. Fang. Both sides had an in-depth communication and exchange of views on research and student training.

At 2:00 pm, Dr. Chunfei Wu gave a lecture entitled "Biomass gasification and integration with CO2 capture and utilization" for our teachers and students both online and offline. He briefly introduced his main research directions, including the conversion of renewable and waste resources into energy, fuels, and chemicals. Dr. Wu presented a new concept of integrating gasification with CO2 capture and utilization (IGCCU) to achieve zero CO2 emission by using CaO as an adsorbent and catalyst to convert CO2 to CaO g-1 lignin in biomass pyrolysis. This academic presentation is a great inspiration for the future development and direction of waste resource utilization and carbon-neutral policies.

After the presentation, Dr. Wu visited our laboratory guided by Prof. Fang. Prof. Fang gave a detailed introduction about the main research directions, research progress, and various instruments of the laboratory.

Dr Chunfei Wu, a Reader at the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and the Chemical Engineering Programme Lead at QUB, is a world-renowned expert in the field of resources, fuel, and chemicals. He is a Managing Editor of Biomass and Bioenergy and the Editor-in-Chief of Carbon Capture Science & Technology, a Gold Open Access journal published by Elsevier. He has published over 220 peer-reviewed journal papers with over 11000 citations (H index of 62) in the areas of catalytic thermo-chemical conversion of wastes.



下午2点,吴春飞博士为我院师生在线上及线下同时作了题为“Biomass gasification and integration with CO2 capture and utilization”的学术报告。报告详细介绍了吴博士的主要研究方向,包括可再生资源和废物资源转化为能源、燃料和化学品方面等方面的研究。通过CaO作为吸附剂和催化剂实现生物质热解过程中的CO2转化为CaO g-1木质素。特别提出了将气化与二氧化碳捕获和利用(IGCCU)相结合来实现零CO2排放的新概念。本次学术报告对废物资源利用和碳中和政策的未来发展和方向具有重大启发意义。


吴春飞博士是贝尔法斯特女王大学化学与化学工程学院的教授和化学工程负责人,是资源、燃料和化学品领域的世界知名专家。他是Biomass and Bioenergy杂志的执行主编,也是Carbon Capture Science & Technology杂志的主编(该杂志是由Elsevier出版的开放获取金牌期刊)。他在废物催化热化学转化领域发表220多篇经同行评审的期刊论文,引用次数超过11000 次,H因子62